2014 Yes, I Do Two Ounce First Class Postage Stamps
2014 Yes, I Do Two Ounce First Class Postage Stamps
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2014 Yes, I Do Two Ounce First Class Postage Stamps

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The two-ounce rate stamp was issued for use on wedding invitations and oversized cards.  The design was first used in 2013 (U.S. #4765). It shows a heart-shaped bouquet of flowers with the word “Yes I do” tucked inside. Where Dreams Blossom, a forever stamp with similar design (#4764), was also produced in 2013.

Weddings are a time to carry on traditions. Some customs in modern ceremonies have histories that date back thousands of years.

Ancient Romans wore wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand. They believed a vein in the ring finger ran directly to the heart. The ring’s never-ending circle represented everlasting love back then, and it still does.

A big concern during weddings many years ago was evil spirits disrupting the celebrations. In Rome, the bride wore a veil to disguise herself from these creatures who were jealous of her happiness. In other countries, female friends of the bride dressed like her and walked down the aisle to confuse any presence that wanted to do harm to the future wife. Irish weddings included the ringing of bells to keep the evil spirits away and encourage a harmonious marriage. Brides also carried small bells in their bouquets.

Medieval Europeans were concerned the spirits would enter the newlywed’s home on the soles of the bride’s feet. The groom carried his new wife over the threshold to keep out the unwelcomed guests.

Many old wedding observances remain, though some meanings have been lost over time. These remnants of the past add to the enjoyment of the couple and loved ones who share their special day.

   Graphic artist Michael Osborne designed the artwork for this stamp and the coordinating Where Dreams Blossom forever stamp.